WE ARE GG Organics


GG Organics, abbreviation for Green Global Organics, believe that individual contributions collectively will help in achieving better results and that each of us has a responsibility towards ensuring the use of eco-friendly ingredients in their products. GG Organics is a name to reckon with in five continents – Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, and the Asian countries like China, Thailand, Taiwan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, for its Chrome-free, Phenol-free, Free Formaldehyde free products. OUR PRODUCTS: BEAM HOUSE: Our beam house process ensures good quality final leather. It is like the foundation for the building. GG ORGANICS have many enviro friendly products for beam house. We have an unique user friendly wet white system. BEAM HOUSE CHEMICALS: 1. Soaking Auxiliaries. 2. Unhairing and Liming Auxiliaries. 3. Deliming and Bating agents. 4. Wetting and Degreasing.